About Melanie James

I work as a senior lecturer, researcher and consultant in strategic communication, marketing, social media and public relations.  I hold the position of Deputy Head of the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology, University of Newcastle, Australia. My academic research interest and teaching is primarily focused on strategic positioning, social media and digital persona in public communication and public relations. My marketing and communication consultancy work also relates to this area. Professor Jeremy Lipshultz (USA) recently highlighted me in his new book as a  “thought leader in social media concepts“.

Image of book cover "Positioning theory" "Melanie James" "Public Relations" "Strategic Communication"

Positioning Theory and Strategic Communications: A new approach to public relations research and practice.

I have a new academic book: Positioning Theory and Strategic Communications: A new approach to public relations research and practice. (Follow the link for information, reviews and purchase information).

I commenced teaching and research within the School of Design, Communication and IT at the University of Newcastle (UoN), Australia, in  2007. Prior to this I worked as a consultant and in senior communication/marketing management roles in government (Australian Greenhouse Office, Australian Electoral Commission, Australian Bureau of Statistics), health and financial services sectors.  I have won several national and state awards for my communication campaigns, including the PRIA Golden Target Award.

I am a member of the Hunter Creative Industries and Technology Centre based at the University of Newcastle.

I have published in the area of strategic communication, PR and positioning theory in journals such as The Journal of PR Research, Public Relations Review, Public Relations InquiryAsia Pacific Public Relations Journal and PRism. I have authored the chapter on strategy in Public Relations Theory and Practice (Chia & Synnott, 2009, 2012). I am also the author of the books, Public Relations (2006) and Careers@Gov (2007).

I have presented peer reviewed research papers at conferences including International Communication Association, Bledcom PR Research Symposium, Barcelona International PR Meeting and the ANZ Communication Association.

I am currently primary supervisor of three PhD candidates, one M.Phil candidate and am co-supervising three other PhD candidates. I also supervise honours years students in communication and public relations research projects each year. I am the honours year program convenor.

Employment history and educational qualifications can be found here (opens in new window). I am a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and sit on the National Education Advisory Committee for PRIA.

I live in Newcastle, Australia – a fabulous city situated on a beach and a harbour!  You can follow me on Twitter @melanie_james

You can visit my blog here (opens in new window).


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