Positioning Theory

Second Positioning Theory Symposium  July 2017 Oxford University, UK – Details

Inaugural Positioning Theory Symposium 6-8th July 2015 Bruges, Belgium

This Positioning Theory symposium is being offered to enable discussions and reflections on the contribution of Positioning Theory as developed by Rom Harré and others. The symposium will be held at the United Nations University – Centre for Regional Integration Studies (UNI-CRIS), in beautiful Bruges, Belgium.

The key purpose of the research symposium is to develop a high quality, interactive event that contributes to the development and growth of Positioning Theory research communities globally. The theme is:

“Positioning Theory: state of play across disciplines. What have we learnt?”

The symposium is open to contributions from all social sciences disciplines and research areas, including for instance teaching methods, communication studies, International Relations or conflict analysis as well as to contributions from social theory or philosophy of science.

This symposium is designed to:

  1. present a sample of some of the leading Positioning theoretical research in the world; and,
  2. to facilitate a series of creative and critical dialogues about research, research development, and research challenges related to Positioning Theory. The expectation is that these dialogues will be original, participatory, creative and collegial.

The Positioning Theory symposium is intended for active researchers and those with interests in connecting with research related to Positioning Theory. The inaugural Positioning Theory Research Symposium has been designed to attract early-career to senior academics, higher degree students, community researchers, and practitioners who are interested in research, from across the world.

The symposium language will be English.

You can participate by either submitting a paper as an individual participant or by submitting an expression of interest for a dialogue session. Read more.

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